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UPDATED: Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave Changes

New Fair Labor Standards Act Overtime Rules: A Memorandum outlining the scope of the new salary rules for FLSA overtime exempt employees.

Alternative Fuels Exemption: A Memorandum and sample resolution for purposes of declaring your district exempt from the pending alternative fuels exemption. Note that fire districts and regional fire authorities should delay taking action on this item until the Department of Commerce issues rules relating to the exemption process.

Bid Laws: A matrix outlining the public bid law requirements applicable to fire protection districts and regional fire authorities (January, 2017).

Volunteer Compensation: A memorandum outlining the basic legal requirements affecting volunteer firefighter compensation (Fall, 2015)

Executive Sessions: A basic guide to properly identifying and calling executive sessions during an open public meeting. (January, 2014)

Affordable Care Act Memorandum: A summary of the basic requirements of the Affordable Care Act for fire protection districts and regional fire authorities (October 2014)

Social Media: A sample policy for implementing and controlling social media and digital images in the fire service (October, 2016).

Medical Records Forms and Policies: Forms and Policies from Brian’s Medical Records Management Handbook [Password protected]. If you have the password you can download the Forms and Policies from Brian’s Medical Records Management Handbook. by clicking here. If you do not have the password you will need to purchase the Medical Records Management handbook by clicking on the Snure Seminars Publications link under useful links on the left side of this page.

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