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The WFCA is taking orders for Snure Seminars publications. To order any of the booklets, please click the order publications button below.

Fire Service Bidding Book
A guide for fire protection districts and regional fire authorities to use in the purchase of equipment and property, the construction of buildings, and the disposal of surplus property. (Revised 2024)

Ethics Handbook
A comprehensive analysis of the laws of ethics governing commissioners and public employees with case studies and examples designed to assist commissioners and employees in complying with the law. (2020)

Fair Labor Standards Act
A review of the Fair Labor Standards Act and its application to fire districts and regional fire authorities. (Revised 2021)

Municipal Finances Fire Districts & Regional Fire Authorities
An overview of the statutory provisions that govern fire protection district (and regional fire authority) financing including taxation, service fees, debt obligations, leasing, revenue sources, and debt limitations. (Revised 2024)

Fire Service Consolidations
An analysis of the various methods of consolidating fire services between jurisdictions including contractual consolidations, mergers, annexations and regional fire protection service authorities. This handbook reviews the factors that must be considered to evaluate the feasibility of consolidation, the statutory methods and procedures required and analyzes the impacts of consolidation on governance, finances, staffing and services. (Revised 2017)

Fire Service Personnel: Roles – Status – Duties
A review of the roles, status, and duties of the commissioner, secretary, and chief and the interaction among the personnel of the district. (Revised 2024)

Public Records Handbook
A guide for the maintenance and disclosure of fire protection district and regional fire authority records. (Revised 2024)

Open Public Meetings Handbook
A guide for the conduct of the meetings of the board of commissioners of fire protection districts. (Revised 2024)

Tax Laws and Personnel Compensation
An analysis of the tax consequence of various forms of compensation and benefits provided to fire district personnel. (Revised 2020)

Fire Service Employment Law Handbook
An analysis of the creation, management, and termination of employment relationships in the fire service. This handbook includes the Tax Laws and Personnel Compensation Handbook (Revised 2021)

Medical Records Management in the Fire Service.
Provides a detailed review of HIPAA and the Washington Health Care Information Act as it relates to the creation, retention and disclosure of medical records created by fire service agencies, includes access to online forms. (Revised 2023)

Other Publications

Annual Laws Update Handbooks, Clark and Brian Snure, (1993 – 2017)

Boundary Review Boards and Special Purpose Districts, The Last Line of Defense, Presentation to the Annual Meeting of the Washington State Boundary Review Boards, Brian Snure (2004)

Growth Management, Annexations and Special Purpose Districts, Environmental Law and Land Use Mid Year Seminar, Brian Snure (May 2004)

Benefit or Burden: The Impact on Special Purpose Districts of Grant County Fire Protection District No. 5, et. al. v. Moses Lake, et. al, Brian Snure, Continuing Legal Education Publication(June 2002)

Note, A Frequent Recurrence to Fundamental Principles: Individual Rights, Free Government, and the Washington State Constitution, Brian Snure, Washington Law Review Vol. 67, No. 3 page 669-690, 1992